Nissan advertises the ProPilot system is the next generation of the Leaf EV

New electric car, the Nissan Leaf will be the first vehicle with a driver assistance system ProPilot in North America and Europe. Nissan has described how it will work.

ProPilot system is activated by pressing the button located on the steering wheel to the right. Then the car can automatically accelerate, brake and change direction. However, to pull out and overtake at this stage the machine will not be able. All actions of the ProPilot system will be performed by one lane.

Of course, inferior to the ProPilot autopilot system, implemented in Tesla, which now compare all the new electric cars equipped with driver assistance systems.

But, according to the manufacturer, in the future ProPilot will offer significantly more high level of autonomy and will allow the cars to move independently in the cities, driving through complex intersections and to perform various maneuvers.

New Nissan Leaf needs to be presented in September, the beginning of sales is scheduled for the end of the year. This electric car must be equipped with a battery capacity of 60 kWh, which will allow you to drive on a single charge up to 320 km.



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