Nintendo’s revenue declined, but net profit more than doubled

Nintendo has published financial report for the period ended 31 December last year. The report focuses on the nine-month period, but we are interested only in the last quarter.

For the past quarter Nintendo bailed out of 1.53 billion dollars, far less than a year ago, when revenue was $ 1.94 billion dollars. Operating profit decreased from 294 to 283 million dollars. Net profit, on the contrary, increased from 255,5 to 567,8 million dollars.

Sales of 3DS consoles rose 10%, but these data already belong to the period from April to December. Game sales for the console have increased by 20% up to 48.8 million copies.

But the Wii U has sold 75% lower than the same period of the previous year. In quantitative terms, this corresponds to 760 000 devices. But it is quite due to the imminent release of the console Switch. By the way, the production of Wii U discontinued and the company remained only to sell the stocks.



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