Nintendo will stop making consoles Wii U the day after tomorrow

According to the source, Nintendo will cease production of the Wii U console is already on 4 November, i.e. the day after tomorrow. In light of the fact that in March, should begin sales of the new consoles Switch, this move seems quite normal.

As of September 30, 2016 current Nintendo console sold around the world in the amount of 13.36 million units. That is, the total profit is unlikely to exceed 15 million copies. For comparison, over the lifetime of the GameCube sold 21 million consoles, Nintendo 64 found 32 million customers, and the Wii did and were able to cross the threshold of 100 million devices (sold 101 million consoles).

How successful the Switch, time will tell. While we don’t know the exact cost of this console.



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