Nintendo Switch will get the Tegra X1 SoC with a significantly lower frequency GPU

Recently, we reported that rumors indicate the presence in the Nintendo Switch system on a chip with Nvidia GPU generation Maxwell.

The resource EuroGamer confirms that the console uses a SoC Tegra X1 or its improved version. The solution is not new, but its graphics performance is still much higher than any other mobile system on a chip on the market.

But rejoice this is not necessary, since the source claims that the frequency of the GPU from Tegra X1 (we will call it so) in the Switch will be lower than, for example, have the same SoC in the Shield Android TV.

More specifically, it in tablet mode, the GPU frequency will be only about 310 MHz and when connected to the dock will grow to 770 MHz. And this despite the fact that the Shield Android TV GPU reaches 1 GHz. Processor cores will run at 1020 MHz in any mode.

If everything would really be so easy to guess that the performance of the new console, in comparison with competitors will be quite low, and even stated one of the sources of 1 TFLOPS seems questionable. On the other hand, Nintendo Switch is unlikely to oppose the consoles of Sony and Microsoft. Importantly, the capabilities of the new consoles was enough, to enable developers to implement their ideas and not give up the Switch, as it was with the Wii U.



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