Nintendo Switch there is no possibility of transferring saves to a memory card or another console

Over the weekend we received detailed information about the internal design and hardware Nintendo console Switch, which was dismantled specialists iFixit.

Now Nintendo announced important point, which applies to software, namely the user saves. The owners of Nintendo Switch can use a microSD card for saving screenshots, updates and additional downloadable content. However, information on the progress through a particular game is saved only in system memory of the console.

Move save to a memory card is impossible, besides, you can’t copy them to another console using any cloud service. If your console is out of order or stolen, the passage of all games will have to start again.

32 GB flash memory, which is equipped with a Nintendo Switch users 25,9 GB. Information about save in the most popular game for this console The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is only 64 MB.

Selling Nintendo Switch started at the end of last week.



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