Nintendo Switch get the USB-C port and support for microSD cards

Nintendo Switch has passed the FCC certification, so we learned new details. For example, the device battery is non-removable, and its voltage is 3.7 V.

The Wi-Fi adapter is dual band, that is able to operate at 5 GHz. In addition, the console will have a USB-C port that will be used, among other things, for the connection with the dock. But the modem cellular the novelty will not.

Will not be in consoles (and dock) and Ethernet connector, an adapter is required USB-to-Ethernet. For memory expansion, you will use microSD cards.

The power supply is connected to the docking station, will have a current of only 1 A. thus the memory built-in docking station that will charge the console itself, would have the power of 39 W and the support fast-charging technology.



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