Nintendo Switch enough performance for VR, but the company is looking for new ways to bring virtual reality to the players

That Nintendo can Switch to support virtual reality headset we wrote back then, when this console appeared in the news under the name, Nintendo NX. Then representatives of the company vaguely explained that work in this direction, but no promises did not give.

In the end, the console was presented, we learned that it is based on some SoC Nvidia, and the support VR no word was said. Besides official data on the configuration of the platform there, and the rumors point to a modification of the Tegra X1, which contains the Maxwell GPU. This suggests that VR performed by Nintendo we can not see.

However, in another interview with Nintendo President Kimishima Tatsumi (Tatsumi Kimishima) stated that the new console of the company is quite efficient to implement the concept of virtual reality. However, at the moment Nintendo has no plans to market any headset, as it looks for interesting applications console is to provide a new experience in virtual reality.



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