Nintendo raised its forecast for the supply of the consoles Switch to 20 million units for the first year

Recall that originally, Nintendo planned to produce up to the end of the year 8 million consoles, Nintendo Switch, however, the demand for the console was much higher than expected.

As a result, the first week sales of the Switch exceeds 1.5 million consoles, while Nintendo has increased the plan for supply of consoles before the end of 2017 to 16 million units.

Sources from the supply chain are reporting that Nintendo now plans to implement in the first year not less than 20 million Nintendo Switch. Although analysts are much more conservative. Nintendo President Kimishima Tatsumi (Tatsumi Kimishima) previously stated that total sales of the console shall be not less than 110 million units.

Production Switch engaged Foxconn Electronics, which accounts for more than 50% of the orders, and the Japanese company Misumi Electronics and Hosiden. Kit comes Taiwanese company Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE), Jentech, Delta Electronics, Nanya PCB and Foxlink.



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