Nintendo NX will consist of three separate components

At the moment we know about the Nintendo console NX not so much. More precisely, we heard so many rumors, because no reliable data at all.

One of them claims that the console will use special cartridges, and the second that the new product will be a portable device with a screen that can be installed in the docking station for use at home in front of the TV.

A new portion of data complicates Nintendo NX. The source claims that the leaks indicate the presence of three components: the handheld with a six-inch HD display, home dock, which the console will connect via Wi-Fi, and some «accelerator», which is called Performance Module. This device is designed to increase the performance of CPU and GPU of the console.

There is an assumption that the features of the console will not be enough for serious gaming. That is for the full game, you still have to use the «accelerator». But, curiously, it has its own battery, that is, it is also possible to take with you.

The idea is that it should somehow be attached to the console so that you can play on the road.

In place of the hardware basics, there are two contenders: a SoC Nvidia and AMD poluzakonnoy the decision. Performance is supposedly going to be at the level of consoles, PS4 and Xbox One. The estimated cost of a Nintendo NX — $350.



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