Nintendo is credited with the intention to release next year game console Mini Switch

Yesterday we once again saw how well Nintendo sold Switch. The opportunity to play at home and on the road, and also a «diverse» controllers obviously were users like.

More interesting to know that some sources that Nintendo intends to soon release a smaller version of the Switch. Supposedly the Mini Switch will be available before the end of the next financial year for Japanese companies ends in March 2019.

Some analysts believe that the new Nintendo console is still too large for portable devices and uncomfortable for children, so the company will release its smaller version. Explain what it is about the smaller version of the existing console, but not on the new portable console, which could replace the Nintendo 3DS.

Analysts at Citigroup predict that by March 2019 Nintendo will manage to sell about 6.7 million less consoles, ie, the launch will take place significantly earlier: around mid-2018. By that time, the company, analysts say, sells more than 25 million relevant now Switch consoles.

In fact, until quite clear, based on what analysts, not only talking about the Mini Switch, but also predicting the sales of the console. As for the theoretical possibility of release of this device from a technical point of view there is nothing complicated. Another issue is that on a significantly smaller screen to play «big» games is unlikely to be useful.



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