Nintendo intends to double production Switch consoles this year

As we recently reported, Nintendo has managed for the first week of sales of the console Switch to implement almost 1.5 million devices around the world. How many will be sold on a calendar month is anyone’s guess, but sources say that while Nintendo managed to produce only 2.5 million consoles.

The Japanese company initially was going to sell 2 million consoles before the end of March, but only until the end of the year to produce 8 million consoles. In this case, after the announcement of the Switch, analysts said, because of the high cost of sales does not exceed 5 million As you can see, they clearly were wrong.

Understands and Nintendo, which, according to a source, intends to double production of consoles this year, that is, to make the end of 2017, 16 million consoles. High starting sale can push a large number of developers begin to create projects for the Switch, which in turn will have a positive impact on demand. Especially if Nintendo in the next batch will solve the problem with scratching the screen, and marriage.



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