Nintendo increased its revenue nearly tripled. Switch console sales approaching 8 million units

Company Nintendo has published a report on the results of the six-month period ended 30 September.

The company’s sales for this period increased almost three times and reached 3.29 billion dollars. The profit thus increased significantly: from 337 to 463,4 million dollars.

Financial growth is due, no doubt, by the success of the console Switch. After a series of different data, we finally have the opportunity to learn the official sales figures. So, for the past six months, Nintendo sold 4.89 mn consoles. All in all, the company managed to sell of 7.63 million devices. Until the end of the year quite a bit and Nintendo will not be able to bring the figure to 12 million, which had been the most daring forecasts. However, given the upcoming Christmas period, we can expect that the company will submit a limit of 10 million consoles before the end of the year. This is indirectly confirmed by Nintendo itself, which intends to sell 14 million consoles over the next six months.

The company also notes that over the past six months, has sold 22 million games, bringing the final figure up to 27.5 million Roughly, on average the owners Switch get three or four games. Thanks to the Switch to total digital sales rose 55% to $ 200 million. However, the majority (157 million dollars) accounted for sales of games for smartphones, which is 426% higher than a year ago.

In addition, Nintendo for the reporting period has sold 2.86 million consoles New Nintendo 2DS XL.



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