Nintendo console Switch is quite difficult to break, but very easy to scratch

Nintendo Switch recently went on sale and showed the best start in the history of the company on the American market. Got to her and known torturer of mobile devices — jerryrigeverything once.

He criticized the new standard set of tests that pass in his lab smartphones. To some, these tests may seem like an indulgence, but actually learn something useful.

For example, in the case console Switch — is that this is a very easy scratching of the screen. It is covered with plastic so it can scratch even a material with a hardness of 3 on Mohs scale. Already you can find a lot of complaints that the screen is scratched even the dock boxes. Given the fact that the device is positioned as a halfway portable, weak screen protection is disappointing.

But the main buttons please. As you can see in the video, the icons for them will never be erased. As for strength, then Switch in General, everything is fine. Yes, putting a lot of effort you can still break the mounts controllers Joy-Con, but to make it really easy.

We also recall that Nintendo Switch is highly maintainable.



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