Nine months later after the announcement Samsung revealed details about their processor cores M1 (Mongoose)

At the end of last year, Samsung unveiled a single-chip system Exynos 8890, which took its place in the flagship smartphones, along with the SoC, the Snapdragon 820.

However, the new solution Samsung interesting not only because it is the next flagship platform. This is the first system-on-chip company that uses the processor cores of its own design Samsung.

They are called M1, and is also known under the code name Mongoose. During the announcement SoC Korean giant has not disclosed any details about your CPU. The Galaxy S7 smartphone already being sold, but now at the event, Hot Chips, the company decided to share the details about Mongoose.

Thus, the development of the M1 lasted three years. This is a 64-bit processor, capable of operating at frequencies up to 2.6 GHz. Each core has 64 KB cache of the first level. There is a shared cache memory of the second level with a volume of 2 MB. M1 decodes four instructions per clock, whereas the Cortex-A73 only two instructions per clock.

Special attention is given to the block branch prediction, which, according to Samsung, this case is built on the principle of a neural network.

The spring is still quite a lot of specific information, but it will be understandable and interesting to very few.



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