Nikon’s revenue for the year decreased by 8.9%

Nikon has published a report for the last quarter. Like other Japanese companies, the period from 1 April to 30 June from Nikon corresponds to the first quarter of the 2017 financial year.

The reporting period brought the company an income of 169,4 billion yen, which is 8.9% less than in the same period of the previous fiscal year, when the company received income 185,9 billion yen. At the same time, operating profit increased from 5.2 to 14.9 billion yen, that is 188,4%.

The manufacturer has recorded a decline in sales of lithography systems for the semiconductor industry. For three months they had sold only six. However, this reduction was blocked by excess growth of sales of lithography systems for production of flat panels, which has sold 27 pieces.

Sales of photographic equipment decreased. The reasons for this include lower demand, the deterioration of exchange rates and the effect of the earthquake that occurred in Japan this spring. The manufacturer has tried to compensate for the reduction in sales reduction in costs and optimization of the range, so for the quarter, the appropriate division showed an operating profit.

The drafters of the report noted a steady demand for SLR cameras D5 and the D500. During the same period managed to sell 710 000 cameras with interchangeable lenses and 1.03 million lenses. Compact cameras it sold 840,000 units. On the reduction of the market in recent years can be judged by the Nikon report for the first quarter of fiscal 2014. It sold 1.59 million cameras with interchangeable lenses, of 2.24 million lenses and 3.12 million pieces of compact cameras.

Units Nikon producing tools and medical equipment, completed the quarter with a negative balance.

Source: Nikon



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