Nikon working on a miniature camera that will compete with the cameras of smartphones

Citing an interview the head of the French branch of the Nikon edition of Chasseurs d’images, the source told about some plans of a well-known manufacturer of photographic equipment.

First of all, the Nikon representative assured the publication that the company is not going to leave the market of cameras and allocates huge funds for research and development in this area.

As for the camera Nikon D820, the announcement of which, according to the latest data, expected in late July, potential buyers are recommended to «exercise some patience». Incidentally, the release of the previous model, the Nikon D810 is continuing.

The decision to refuse from release of models of the DL series was dictated by the fact that they would appear the market too late.

Compact cameras the Coolpix family decided to pay less attention, redirecting resources to more promising markets.

At the same time, Nikon is working on a miniature camera that will compete with the cameras of smartphones. Specify that the illustration shown is not it, and a flash drive in the shape of SLR camera Nikon.

Finally, in connection with the centenary of Nikon, the President of the French branch has promised a surprise.

Source: Nikon Rumors



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