Nikon confirms the development of a mirrorless camera, which should outperform the competition on quality

Some time ago on thematic resources, a wave of publications in which Nikon was attributed to the development of new mirrorless cameras. The primary source of this information was the interview of the President of the company. Because the translation could be an inaccuracy, the source decided to clarify the situation, and asked the representative Nikon.

The response received stated the following:

«Although the details are confidential, we can confirm that development of new mirrorless products, built on the strengths of the Nikon offering and dignity expected by potential buyers, including superior optics, image processing techniques, durability, reliability and ease of use.»

In addition, the source gave a more accurate translation from the original response in the interview. From this it follows that Nikon is committed to being the best in the middle and upper segment of DSLR cameras, allowing you to profit even in the face of shrinking sales. «The smartphone generation» the company intends to offer a mirrorless camera in the Nikon spirit that will surpass the competition in quality. First and foremost, this applies to lenses.

Note that specific technical details about the new camera are not yet available.

Source: DP Review



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