Nikon close Chinese factory, which produces compact digital camera

According to the source, Nikon plans to close one of its factories in China, which produces compact digital camera. The reason is very simple: the demand for such devices has been falling for a very long time in view of the proliferation of smartphones and the improvement of their cameras.

The plant in Jiangsu has about 2500 people. There are available digital compacts entry level lenses for some models of SLR cameras. Part of the production of Nikon transfer to outsourcing.

The source also notes that in China, Nikon is 30% of the market cameras. At the end of the current fiscal year, which for the company will be completed in March, Nikon expects to sell about 4.8 million compact digital cameras, which would correspond to a decline of 24%.

Digital compacts Nikon will continue to produce at factories in Japan and Thailand.



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