Nikon celebrated the 100th anniversary with the promise to release a new SLR camera

Today Nikon turned 100 years old. Fans of the brand expect that this will present any particular novelty. Especially since it hinted the head of the French branch of the company. Instead, the manufacturer said that it is developing a full-frame SLR camera.

The novelty will be called Nikon D850. For those who follow the subject, this information did not surprise, because prior information about the Nikon D850 appeared in may. More precisely, then it became known that the planned release of the camera, which should replace model D810. Since that time not a single technical detail, that was weird. Now, however, everything fell into place — because the camera is not ready yet, and the leaks to take was nowhere.

In a press release on Nikon D850, the manufacturer also did not give technical information, limiting assurance that «the new model will be developed based on the most advanced technologies.» According to Nikon, high speed full frame high resolution camera «will suit those looking for the perfect blend of versatility and high quality images.»

When will be presented a new camera — the manufacturer has not yet said.


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