Nikon blames ASML and Carl Zeiss in a patent infringement

Nikon has made, as stated on its website, «legal actions in the Netherlands, Germany and Japan to stop the violation of intellectual property rights». Violate them, according to Nikon, the Dutch company ASML Holding, a manufacturer of lithography equipment for semiconductor manufacturing, and supplying her optical components German company Carl Zeiss.

Allegedly, the equipment, make ASML, infringed patents owned by Nikon. This equipment is used by manufacturers of semiconductor products worldwide, and sales bring ASML billions of dollars.

Nikon tried to negotiate with the defendants, but these efforts have not led to the desired result. Continuing to illegally use the results of years of research by Nikon, the company ASML and Zeiss have left the Japanese manufacturer other options but to go to court.

Only in suits filed in three countries, mentioned 11 patents related to immersion lithography, the pioneer of which is Nikon. Equipment for immersion lithography is now supplying only two companies in the world — ASML and Nikon.

Source: Nikon



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