Nikola One — the world’s first hydrogen-electric long-haul tractor

The company Tesla Motors did not immediately gained popularity. The first electric car company — sports car Tesla Roadster, based on the chassis of the Lotus has sold only about 2,500 cars.

Then Tesla decided that the market needs more versatile car. So there was a Model S, which has become a revolution for the market. Some companies are now trying to enter the electric car market seem to want to repeat the mistakes of Tesla Motors and start with a sports car or, as in the case of Nikola Motor Company, truck.

For the first time about it it became known this spring. Then we just showed a three-dimensional model and shared some characteristics.

Today, the tractor was presented and shown in the flesh. Although, it is only the prototype. However, it is now known that this hybrid hydrogen-electric car. The movement of the machine will cause the motors with total power of 1000 HP, which will be powered by lithium-ion batteries. In turn, the batteries will be on the move due to recharge hydrogen fuel cells.

The machine is called Nikola and One needs to be on the market in 2020. The range of travel of the tractor will be approximately 1,300-1,900 per km. in order to rectify the situation with the availability of hydrogen filling stations in the USA and Canada (they are almost there), Nikola will start to be similar throughout the country in 2018. In addition, the leasing program covers the refueling of hydrogen, and warranty and scheduled maintenance for six years.

At the moment, the company has not even decided where it will produce its trucks. But has already shown an image of a model Nikola Two different from One of the smaller cabin. About the cost of new data is not, as on other parameters. Previously mentioned amount of around 370,000 dollars.

The market of freight trucks is very specific, especially in the United States. Whether the carriers are so non-standard vehicles, the big question. On the other hand, Nikola declares that it has received 3 billion dollars in pre-orders.

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