NichePhone-S — miniature Android smartphone with push-button keyboard

Japan is an amazing country: the local market often appear unusual device aimed exclusively at the local consumer, but not becoming less original. And even if the news about such products for us have no practical use, but sometimes curiosity takes over. NichePhone-S production FutureModel Corporation — a case in point.

Strictly speaking, a phone the size of a credit card nowadays, these devices have enough in the stores, but NichePhone-S — not a phone, and smartphone: the device uses the Android OS 4.2. However frankly primitive graphical interface, and even customized to a small OLED screen with a diagonal of 0.96 inches with a resolution of 128 x 64 pixels, kills any hope for running apps from the Google Play Market. However, one of the FA — WLAN access point — implemented here. Other built-in ability to record calls.

NichePhone-S can be used to play music on your paired Bluetooth device, and of course the device allows you to call (on 3G) and share SMS.

The device is built on a single platform MediaTek MT6572A dual-core c CPU ARM Cortex-A7 1.2 GHz and GPU Mali-400. This bundle even allows you to play 720p video, but in this case it is not. RAM — 512 MB internal flash memory, half — 256 MB.

Dimensions NichePhone-S — 90 x 50 x 6.5 mm, weight 38 grams. 550 mAh capacity built-in rechargeable battery device can last up to 3 hours of talk time or three days standby. Charging new items implemented is unusual: it is carried out through a small power pack that connects to the rear and held with a magnet.

Sale NichePhone-S in Japan will start on November 10, the price of new items is approximately equal to $95.

Sources: FutureModel, Engadget


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