NGD have Systems ready SSD a record volume of 24 TB

Specializing in SSDs for data centers the company NGD Systems, formerly named NxGn Data, announced the availability of the most capacious in the industry SSD. The volume model Catalina has already been shipped for testing to the leading OEM manufacturers of servers, is 24 TB. The drive is made in the form of an expansion card is PCIe and NVMe support. It uses flash memory 3D NAND TLC.

According to the manufacturer, the drive consumes less than 0.65 W of power per 1 TB of volume. To the characteristics of SSD related proprietary algorithm Elastic FTL (Flash Translation Layer) and the mechanism of error correction together they provide the possibility of using flash memory 3D NAND TLC in the device data storage of a corporate class. However, the manufacturer says that the SSD Catalina is more suitable for problems dominated by read operations.

Source: NGD Systems


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