Next year will be a new version of the electric BMW i3 with a more capacious battery

German automaker BMW plans to 2017, to submit an updated electric i3. From its predecessor it will be different in appearance and increased mileage per charge. About it reports the source with reference to the weekly newspaper Welt am Sonntag, in turn, received information from an unnamed company representatives.

The alteration will affect the front and rear of the machine. Due to the new battery’s power reserve will increase compared to the current 300 km. allegedly, the increase will be less than 50%.

In the company have questioned the wisdom of accelerating the development of the following models of electric vehicles because a significant initial investment has yielded very modest results in the past year managed to sell only 25,000 electric vehicles BMW i3. To increase the attractiveness of the machine manufacturer this year, increased the stock of its autonomy at 50%.

Source: Reuters

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