Next year the canals of Amsterdam appear unmanned floating vehicle

With the idea that in 2020 the roads of the US and Europe first production unmanned vehicles we have become accustomed to, though you need to wait for this moment and appreciate all in action.

But the Netherlands was born the idea of their own transport, which moves without the driver’s help. Next year in Amsterdam will appear unmanned boat. As you know, capital permeates more than 100 km of canals, built in the XVII century.

Next year the Institute Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions in conjunction with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Delft University of Technology and Wageningen University and Research will begin experimenting with unmanned water vehicles that will travel on the canals, transporting people and cargo.

All this will happen within five years of the program Roboat, which received funding in the amount of 25 million euros. In fact, the goal of the project is much broader. Roboat is a program for the exploration of the possibilities of using Autonomous swimming facilities in the city. Yes, it starts with Amsterdam, but it is not limited. For example, the program will affect Boston, who is experiencing problems because of the constant tides.

On images shows that it is more about unmanned floating platforms or rafts, not boats in the conventional sense. But this design has its advantages. For example, for a short period of time of a plurality of such platforms can build a bridge, and then also quickly «disassemble».

Among other things, the platform will be able to perform other tasks. For example, to investigate water channels for contamination to aciravati the bottom in search of large debris and so on.


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