Next year, the Apple iPhone can appear the OLED displays manufactured by Samsung with new technology

As you know, in the new model of Apple smartphone iPhone, which will be released in 2017, it is expected the appearance of the OLED display. The source suggests that these displays will be manufactured by Samsung using the technology of deposition of atomic layers (Atomic Layer Deposition, ALD). Encapsulation using ALD protects the layers of the flexible screen from exposure to oxygen in the air and the water, significantly increasing the service life of the display. On the implementation of the ALD technology in OLED production work Samsung Display and LG Display.

Now used in more expensive and lengthy process of applying multiple layers of thin films in a different way. In contrast, ALD allows more freedom to choose the shape of the screen, which can lead to the emergence of new form factors for devices.

Source: Patently Apple



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