Next year SpaceX will send in flight around the moon two civil

We recently learned that the Mars mission SpaceX launched two years later than originally planned. The company is now busy with more pressing issues, including the preparation of the carrier rocket Falcon Heavy, so the space ship Red Dragon will go to Mars in 2020.

But 2018 will not be without new achievements. At the end of next year, SpaceX plans to send the first two individuals on a flight around the moon. Two, whose names were not named, will pass appropriate tests and is ready to fly later this year.

By the way, this mission will use the same launch vehicle, the Falcon Heavy. SpaceX also thank NASA for the financial support in the framework of the Commercial Crew Program, which has expedited the work on the Dragon 2.

Mission to our natural satellite will be the first such mission over the past 45 years. Note that the ship will not sit on the surface of the moon.



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