Next year Intel will bring to market RAM-based 3D ICS XPoint

Digging in March, Intel introduced the first Optane drives for desktop PCs. Recall, they use a new non-volatile memory 3D XPoint.

Despite the fact that the first steps of this memory on the market can not be called a revolution, in the end it may take a even bigger niche than previously thought. The source reports that next year Intel can bring to market RAM that uses the 3D chip XPoint.

According to processor, memory, DRAM is expensive and unstable (volatile) and cannot provide significant quantities at an affordable price. All this supposedly can be corrected with the introduction into this area of memory 3D XPoint.

The memory will use an existing form factor DIMM that will allow you to maintain compatibility. However, you need to understand what these modules do not replace the conventional RAM, at least the first time. It is a joint operation of two different types of memory, and there is already a problem of support of the CPU. Probably for this reason, initially, this memory will appear only for server segment.



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