Next year Google will sell 5-6 million smartphones Pixel

Experts at Morgan Stanley estimate that smartphones bring Google Pixel the search giant about $ 3.8 billion of revenue in 2017. Calculations based on the forecast that Google is next year will be able to implement 5-6 million smartphones.

The Bank also claims that by the end of this year, Google sold about 3 million new vehicles, which will bring the company about $ 2 billion.

The indicators can be considered impressive, but given that the current machines is the firstborn of a family of Pixel, and are sold very expensive, even so the sales seem pretty good.

From the point of view of the benefits the devices Pixel supposedly lose the iPhone because of the higher cost of materials. So, for the Pixel value of the gross profit margin is 22-25%, whereas for the iPhone 7, the figure stands at 41%, although in 2009 it was equal to 57.7 per cent.



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