Next year, D-Wave Systems will begin deliveries 2000-kubango quantum computer

Quantum computers — something with which many associate the future of computing. Now manufacturers increasingly difficult to adopt new technological processes when creating a usual silicon processors, so in the near future, this technology will simply Balk at certain physical limits.

However, quantum computers are currently in their infancy. Despite the fact that nearly ten years, the company D-Wave Systems creates a similar system, many experts are skeptical about her development and claims that it is not real quantum computers.

Anyway, D-Wave Systems has created a quantum computer of new generation, consisting of 2000 qubits. The last system of this company consisted of half the number of qubits. The developers claim that the new system is three orders of magnitude superior to its predecessor in performance. Although it is worth remembering that in the current execution quantum computers are suitable for a very narrow range of tasks.

The new system, while not having own name, will be available to customers next year. Today among clients of D-Wave are Google, Lockheed Martin, NASA and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The following quantum computer D-Wave will be created based on some new technology, but it will only be ready in 3-4 years.


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