Next year cars in the U.S. can receive electronic license plates rPlate

Soon on the car market might be another very important, but not very significant for a consumer revolution.

Talking about car license plates, which essentially has not changed for over 100 years. The company Reviver suggested the modern version of the license plate, which she called rPlate (Reviver license plate).

rPlate is an electronic license plate. It contains a monochrome display, wireless module, battery and processor. To configure the information displayed by this sign, so can the user. However, opportunities will be limited. For example, the room itself can change only the relevant state authorities.

These signs, according to developers, will allow to simplify and speed up many operations. For example, the registration of the new number. In addition, when the vehicle has been stolen and contact the police will be able to bring to such a device any suitable alert. Stealing rPlate will also be pointless, since it stops displaying information when removed from car.

However, all this in theory gives new opportunities for criminals. For example, the device can be hacked, by yourself replacing it. So the success of such marks will depend on the level of implementation.

The company announced that it is ready to provide 100,000 cars signs rPlate for the next year. Initially it is planned to replace standard rooms only within California, Florida, Texas and Arizona.



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