Next year AMD will release an updated CPU and GPU Ryzen Vega created when using the 12-nanometer process technology

That the AMD Zen architecture 2, as well as graphics generation Navi will use seminomatous the process, we have learned more in the late spring. However, AMD did not say when to expect these products.

Now it is reported that before the release of Zen 2 the company will have time to catch your CPU and GPU at the 12-nanometer process technology (12LP). Production will still deal with GlobalFoundries, and it kicks off early next year.

Of course, the simple transfer of old solutions to the new technical process will not be so obviously AMD will release an upgraded CPU and video card, which options will not be much different from existing, but it would be 12 nm. What it will be for decision, is still unknown. In addition, they can be expected some higher clock speeds or reduced energy consumption.



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