Next year almost three quarters of all smartphones sold will be equipped with fingerprint scanners

According to another research analysts Counterpoint Research, next year will be sold worldwide more than 1 billion smartphones equipped with fingerprint scanners.

Thus, the proportion of units equipped with dactyloscopus to grow to 71%, whereas this year the figure is equal to only 58%.

In the second quarter of this year, the market leader of smartphones with fingerprint scanners was Samsung with a share of 12%. Followed by Apple with 11%, and next is Huawei (8%), Oppo (6%) and Xiaomi (5%). While Samsung only about 60% of sold smartphones are equipped with such scanners, while at the same Xiaomi, the figure reaches about 90%.

Despite the fact that the first scanners in modern smartphones appeared back in 2011, push the industry gave Apple equipped the Touch ID sensor iPhone 5s, released in late 2013.


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