New year 2018 Decorations on the Windows

Windows are the eyes to the house. Holidays want their «look» was hilarious. That is why everyone is trying to decorate the Windows, plenty of lights and various Christmas attributes.

Lights and garlands

Color and monochrome, large and small, bright and not really all these lights can bring the Christmas mood. In the holidays twinkling garlands are everywhere. They adorn the alleys of the city, the shop Windows, the main tree of the country. Window openings should not be an exception, because the lights on the window are visible not only inside but also outside. This means that they will please more people, and the house will look festive from the street.

There are many ways to use Christmas lights for window decoration. One can put the form of Christmas figurines: Christmas tree, snowman, snowflake, star, Santa, bell. Interesting is the window, the perimeter of which is like a garland of luminous lights. Also chain pull lamps in parallel rows, vertically or horizontally. There are garlands of special forms, which are designed for a specific placement. For example, where one long thread at equal from each other a distance shorter hanging garland with little lights that hang on the upper edge of the window. Then at the window above if drain lights. Another option is the network. This design assumes full coverage of the window opening. Before purchasing this garland is a need to measure the window. The simplest thing you can do is randomly scatter the lights on the window sill. If desired, the inside of the weaves can be put cones, tangerines, Christmas decorations and other Christmas items.

Stencils or the plot of the picture-paper cutting

Stencils or paper cutting is an art. The more carefully traced and cut out the elements, the more refined will be the pattern on the glass. To make it easiest to choose a simple pictures. Usually, the main heroes of the story become pictures of Santa Claus, snowman, reindeer, houses, tree and more. For 2018, already you can start to prepare the stencils in the form of a dog, as a symbol of the new year.

If your artistic skills are lacking, then interesting patterns can be taken from the Internet, simply print and cut out. Cut snowflakes out of paper is a favorite activity since childhood. Folded several times a sheet of paper subjected to treatment with scissors when unwrapping a special sort of decoration with an intricate pattern on the inside. You can also use them as stencils.

Paper silhouettes of many ways to use. The simplest way is to stick them to the glass with plain water. To do this, take a shallow dish, fill it with water and dip the stencil. Then gently remove the soaked paper and press it to the glass. This figure will be securely kept, and if necessary it can be removed and to remove the marks with a dry cloth.

Another method of using stencils involves the use of colored compositions. The easiest way to buy in the shop artificial snow in a spray bottle. First method, which is described above, it is necessary to stick the stencil to the glass. Then, shaking the bottle, apply the stencil, artificial snow, slightly beyond the edge of the paper pattern. When the snow will be uniformly applied, the paper should delete. The glass will remain an image similar to the figures generated by the frost.

Another method involves the use of toothpaste. Still need to dilute with water and using a toothbrush or sponge to apply a glued stencil. After that, the paper is removed. In toothpaste, add a little watercolor. Then figure in the glass will change its color. The benefits of using stencils is that they are easy to remove from the Windows after the celebration.

Drawings on Windows paint

This method of decoration is familiar to all since the days of the Soviet Union. Then Windows of shops and Windows of houses painted with cheerful pictures. Their heroes became Grandfather frost, snow maiden, squirrels and bunnies. In addition, the glass wrote greetings and painted toys, cones and Christmas tree branches. All this created the Christmas mood and have been implicated in the festive carousel.

Contemporary drawings on the Windows look about the same. With the help of colors skilled artists paint glass, turning them into works of art. Those who failed to learn to paint, write words and draw simple drawings. In any event, colorful pictures encouraging home owners and guests.

Decoration for window openings

In addition to decorations that are visible from the street, you can use decor for window sills and window openings. It can be wreaths. Hang them in the middle of the sill, upper part of the window frame or just put on the window sill surrounded by candles or garlands. You can also use shiny tinsel, rain, snow, or simple cotton. On the windowsill lay the sweet treats: chocolates, tangerines, nuts in the shell. Everything is decorated with glitter and lights.

Candles make Christmas celebration a real fairy tale. Their flickering makes the shadows dance on the walls, creating a feeling of transition into a magical world. You can buy ready-made compositions from candles, cones and needles or to create the flower arrangements yourself. Themselves candles also can be made at home. In composition it is necessary to add sequin or choose transparent wax, inside which will be visible to new year’s figures. All this can be purchased at the nearest store for needlework.

Create a festive mood will not be for anyone a difficult task, if the matter be approached with the soul. Windows and window openings is a huge field for creativity. The minimum number of the simplest materials, inspiration and ingenuity will provide the Windows and the whole house the Christmas look. The infinite range of modern shops will help to create a work of art that will not want to disassemble after the holidays. A little improve his creation, depriving him of Christmas paraphernalia, and this painting can be admired the whole year.

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