New tablets from Nokia in the near future should not expect

Despite the fact that the return of the Nokia brand on the mobile market began with the tablet N1, at the moment, the company HDM, which owns the rights to use Finnish brand in this market, offers only smartphones.

As it became known, the company intends to continue to follow the same strategy. At least until the end of this year under the Nokia brand will not be released any new tablet. The company is now focused on two aspects: the preparation of new smartphones and ensuring a sufficient number of already released devices for distribution in new markets.

In General, the HDM main objective is the recovery of the strength of the Nokia brand in the mobile phone market, although the former glory they do not achieve. In addition, the representative of the HDM said that soon the company will release two new smartphones, but none of them will be Nokia 4. It never will be because of dislike of the Chinese to the figure 4.



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