New SoC Samsung Exynos will receive a neural processor for AI applications

A single-chip system Huawei Kirin 970 includes, in addition to CPU and GPU, neural processor (Neural Processing Unit or NPU). The new Apple smartphones A11 Bionic uses a SoC that contains two processor cores, that is used to control «special machine learning algorithms».

Samsung is also working on adding to their single-chip system Exynos a special processor that will be used for the application of artificial intelligence. The main advantage of this SoC Exynos will be no need to connect to cloud servers for data processing. This will allow to process data on a mobile device faster by about 50%.

The head of the semiconductor division Kim Ki-Nam (Kim Ki nam) has confirmed that Samsung will add to the new SoC Exynos neural processor, adding that the current architecture (CPU and GPU) to cope with the application of artificial intelligence on so effectively. To improve the efficiency will help the neural processor.

It also became known that Samsung is investing $ 300 million in Graphcore British startup that is working on a smart processor IPU (Intelligence Processing Unit) for machine learning.



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