New rumors say that the console Microsoft Project Scorpio will cost no more than $ 500

Game console Project Scorpio needs to be presented by Microsoft at the upcoming E3, which starts June 10. It is unknown whether we will disclose all the parameters, but first we’ve already reviewed.

Recall, GPU performance should increase from 1.32 TFLOPS the Xbox One is up to 6 TFLOPS! That’s a much higher increase than in the case of consoles Sony (from 1.8 to 4.2 TFLOPS).

Against this background, the question naturally arises of the price. For example, Pro PS4 started at $ 400. Thus, it can be expected that the new Microsoft console will be significantly more expensive.

Citing people close to Microsoft, a source says that the console will cost no more than $ 500. Most likely, if these data are correct, it makes sense to speak about 500 dollars for the basic version. However, some analysts argue that the console could cost about $ 700.



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