New player Ultra HD Blu-ray Sharp uses the ViXS XCode SoC 6800 and XCode 5190

Company ViXS System announced the launch of three new players and Blu-ray recorders Sharp BD-UT3100, BD-and BD UT2100-UT1100. They use single chip system ViXS XCode and XCode 5190 6800, thanks to which the device can play back a video stream in a format HEVC 4K frame rate to 60 Hz and bit rate up to 100 Mbps.

Supported promising color space BT.2020 and extended dynamic range (HDR), which is currently available for more than 160 films released in the media of Ultra HD Blu-ray. 4K technology Master BD-PRO Engine accelerates the download of such disks, allowing you to quickly jump to viewing.

Model Sharp BD-UT3100, BD-and BD UT2100-UT1100 yet what will be on sale only in Japan (March 22), which is reflected in the established tuners that support broadcasting ISDB-T, BS and CS110. Powerful algorit image processing enable deinterlacing and changing the permissions dynamically to improve the contrast and sharpness of outline, use color correction and noise reduction. Such opportunities will be useful during the reception with tuners low-resolution and convert it in 4K with a frequency of 60 Hz.

Electronic program guide (EPG) is also displayed in 4K resolution, not yielding as the main content. SoC 6800 ViXS XCode and XCode 5190 in tandem is able to simultaneously play back 4K video and record up to three HD video streams In isolation of new products from Sharp company ViXS System notes that the modular architecture of platforms, Xcode allows you to speed up the withdrawal of the finished products in the sale and use written for earlier devices, the fragments of the firmware in a new product, preserving the continuity of the platform.



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