New pictures of Tesla Model 3 demonstrate the lack of dashboard and the handle automatic transmission with autopilot mode

Already this year, the first car Tesla Model 3 will be out on the road. The company hasn’t officially revealed some details about this model and did not show the salon. Early images showed the absence of the instrument panel, but the presence of large horizontally oriented display.

Apparently, these are production cars. This is indicated by the pictures that someone was lucky enough to do in California.

They can see not only the car without any camouflage, but also its interior.

As you can see, Model 3 is really missing the instrument panel. It is not on the usual place, in the middle of the torpedo. Instead, there is a huge display. The presence of such, albeit a different orientation, we have become accustomed for the Model S and Model X, but the lack of dashboard many may not like it.

That is the final version of the design indirectly indicates wood insert the entire length of the torpedo. We can assume that some information will be displayed on the projection display, which will partially solve the issue of the convenience of getting basic information.

Also noteworthy is clearly not the final version of the steering wheel and the absence of the Central tunnel.

Another very important, though inconspicuous detail — the automatic transmission lever located on the steering column. If you pay attention to it, you can see that it has five icons corresponding to the five modes: Park, reverse, neutral, drive and, apparently, the autopilot.

If this is a feature not only of test samples, and and production car, it could mean that the autopilot feature Tesla will officially move from stage one of the options the cruise control in the full drive mode.

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