New photos of the smartphone Meizu E2 shows a device very similar to Apple, Oppo and Vivo

Recently, we learned that Meizu prepares a new smartphone called the Meizu E2. Remembering the model M1E, it can be assumed that the device will be called Meizu also M2E.

A few days ago in the Network appeared photo, which allegedly was captured with this camera. But a new photo published source differs from the previous one.

As you can see, the back part is made in the style of Apple iPhone devices (smartphones Oppo and Vivo), but it is not what makes Meizu. Model U10, U20 and Meizu X revealed that the company is not averse to experiment with the design, so we can assume that Meizu E2 will be like that. However, those fans of Meizu, who are tired of corporate design company, hardly would like it changed to something much more formulaic. But this photo may be fake, so in advance to not get upset.



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