New model of Google’s Jump is called a Halo and Yi is based on Yi Technology cameras

In 2015 Google has revealed the Jump platform aimed at creating content for virtual reality devices. The search giant did not sell the Jump, and instead sets were distributed to professionals free of charge.

The first version of Jump consisted of 16 GoPro cameras, which accordingly affects the cost. Yesterday, Google revealed the second model Jump. It got its own name Yi Halo.

Yi Halo consists of 17 cameras, and now uses camera Technology Yi, which is related to Xiaomi. The camera can shoot 4K video and cost less than counterparts GoPro.

Yi Halo will be sold at full price, which is still unknown and distributed free, but in the latter case only for two months. It seems that the content creators have time to understand whether their needs such a device. To request a receipt will be 22 may, but deliveries will begin around the end of the summer.



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