New MacBook pros were the first Apple laptops that have not received the recommendation of Consumer Reports

Non-profit organization Consumer Reports, which defends the interests of consumers since 1936, has published its verdict on the new MacBook pros, released this fall.

Representatives of the organization said that the MacBook Pro release 2016 were the first devices of this line, which Consumer Reports can’t recommend for purchase. In an explanatory article States that in terms of performance and display quality no questions to the new MacBook Pro is not, however, any, when it comes to work time from the battery.

Experiments have shown that the autonomy of the new MacBook Pro is the value is very irregular, time varies from one test to another. In particular, Consumer Reports says that in one test, the 13-inch model with touch screen lasted for 16 hours and the other less than 4 hours. While working 13-inch laptop without additional screen ranges from 4.5 to 19.5 hours. 15-inch laptop has worked from 8 to 18.5 hours.

Consumer Reports notes that the allowable deviation of working time in the same conditions it is possible to count 5%, so the results show the new MacBook Pro, are abnormal.



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