New MacBook Pro for the first five days brought in 4 times more revenue than Microsoft Surface Book for the entire year

A week ago, senior Vice President of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller (Phil Schiller) said a record number of pre-orders for Apple’s new MacBook Pro.

Slice Intelligence analysts have conducted market research, which showed that the new MacBook Pro really showed a tremendous level of income. For the first five days MacBook Pro earned five times more money than the 12-inch MacBook that came out in April of 2015 over the same period. At the moment the income of the MacBook Pro is 78% of the total income of the 12-inch MacBook 2015.

Further — more. In the short term the new MacBook Pro has brought nearly four times more money than Microsoft Surface Book, which came out over a year ago. Only a few days MacBook Pro sold better than any other laptop this year.

The graph also compares the result of the MacBook Pro with other laptops that are running Windows. Sample when scheduling accounted for nearly 13 thousand American buyers.

Recall before the end of the year Apple significantly reduced the price of accessories for the MacBook Pro and new monitors.



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