New MacBook Pro attracted a record number of pre-orders

In an interview with The Independent, senior Vice President of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller (Phil Schiller) asked a question about how the public responded to the announcement of the new generation of laptops MacBook Pro.

«The new MacBook Pro have become the cause of a large number of heated discussions, — said Schiller. — Many of the innovations made a very positive impression on people, something that has caused some controversy».

«I hope everyone will have the opportunity to try new personally and to understand how it was the new MacBook Pro. It’s really a big step forward and a demonstration that we are constantly investing in the development of the family of Mac.»

«And I am proud to report that at the moment in our online store recorded a record number of pre-orders for the new MacBook Pro. Many took the announcement with great enthusiasm as we do ourselves».

This record number was not included in the orders at a reduced price that had to handle the Amazon network because of a mistake.



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