New iPhone models will support wireless charging technology, but to buy a branded memory at the start of sales will not work

As you know, the new Apple iPhone that will be released in the fall, among other things, is credited with support of wireless charging technology. A new rumor suggests that appropriate charging station in the set would not ship, but that’s to be expected.

But other data suggest that to buy this memory at the beginning of sales of new smartphones will not be possible. Supposedly they will be on the market later: with the release of iOS 11.1.

The reason for the delay is not specified. Given the likelihood that the wireless charging technology in the new iPhone will be Apple that will cause incompatibility with other memory, the inability to purchase the appropriate device at the start of sales is not very good.

Some early rumors have indicated that Apple chose the WPC technology, it is possible to use a third party charger, but so far it’s all rumors.



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