New iPad still very little suitable to repair

Recently Apple introduced the new tablet, called simply iPad. To say that this is quite inconvenient and confusing name — is to say nothing.

Whatever it was, significantly decreased cost is the main trump of the novelty. But experts iFitix did not fail to disassemble the device and assess its maintainability.

Looking ahead, maintainability iPad 2017 model year is estimated at two points out of a possible ten, which corresponds to the rating models of the iPad Air 2, on the basis of which created «new». Although in the end it turned out that the device took a lot from the first model Air.

On the circuit Board is located of the following components: SoC Apple A9 APL0898, combined with RAM Samsung K3RG1G10BM-BGCH, flash memory SK Hynix H23QEG8VG2ACR, controllers Broadcom BCM5976, the controller NXP 67V04 and so on.

In the pros the tablet is attributed to the simple procedure of separating the screen from the front panel and the fact that the battery is not soldered to the system Board. The disadvantages of the device glued to the rest of the body front panel, plenty of glue, the presence of adhesive tape and other complications.



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