New Intel and AMD do not get the Microsoft drivers for older versions of Windows

At the beginning of the year, we wrote about the fact that Microsoft decided not to support corporate clients with older versions of the Windows operating system on a PC with a new processor. Recently, we wrote that Intel also began to put pressure on customers, forcing them to upgrade to Windows 10.

Now it is reported that in the case of using the Intel or AMD Kaby Lake and the Summit Ridge Bristol Ridge, Microsoft will stop supporting the old OS, even for ordinary users. It would be in absence of some necessary drivers, without which certain functions of the new CPU will not work. This is unlikely in General hurt to use a new CPU with Windows 7/8, but the fact remains that Microsoft still more pressure on clients from all fronts, sometimes simply forcing the move to Windows 10.

Microsoft explains that the desire to focus on deeper integration between software and hardware platforms that will allow you to keep maximum reliability and compatibility with the next generations.



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