New images confirm the smartphone design of Xiaomi Mi6 and the availability of dual camera

This week, the Network appeared several new images of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi6, which is guarded from all sorts of leaks much better than the Samsung Galaxy S8.

In the case with smartphones, which are equipped with dual primary camera, designers can go one of two ways. The cameras are centered one above the other, or are placed in the upper left corner of the back panel.

In the case of Xiaomi Mi6, the developers chose the second option, which is clearly seen on the provided sources of the images. That’s just the flash led has occupied the position to the left of the dual camera, she is normally on the other side of her.

According to the images it’s hard to say what material is made of the coverage of the case. It’s probably glass or ceramic.

The official promotional image, we see the same position of the camera and flash, as well as the inscription, which suggests that with the release of the Xiaomi Mi6 in the lineup will be a new color.

The announcement of the device is expected in April.



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