New images allow us to understand the difference between the existing models of Samsung Galaxy J and those which will appear next month

We just wrote about those or other characteristics of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy J, a new generation. Today it is possible to draw a certain conclusion concerning the models of Galaxy J5 and J7 2017 2017.

Judging by the style, the images below are taken from the official Samsung website. They allow you to visually compare the existing and anticipated smartphones. Let’s start with the younger model of the two.

As you can see, the main advantages of the new model before the old one becomes fully metal body, better front camera and a larger aperture the main, the best modem, and the presence of a fingerprint scanner, which have no actual members of the family. Also will use a new platform with eight cores, but the amount of RAM and flash memory are not changed. You can also note a lesser per 100 mAh battery capacity.

If we talk about comparison Galaxy J7, then it will happen the same metamorphosis with enclosure, camera, modem, and emergence of dactiloscopy. In addition, the display resolution will increase to Full HD, and RAM will increase to 3 GB. Also 300 mAh battery will increase. As for support Samsung Pay, which was previously attributed to the new Galaxy J, this question is still open.

Smartphones have to submit in June. The source said that the Junior model will cost € 280, and the high — 340 Euro. But this is the price for Belgium, so in other regions, they can be lower.



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