New image sensors OmniVision will appear in smartphones in the first quarter of 2017

OmniVision Technologies announced the development of four new image sensors for smartphones that will be able to capture more light and generate less noise to images than ever.

The new sensors will use pixel technology, OmniVision second generation PureCel and PureCel Plus Plus-S. the Increase in dynamic range of brightness compared to previous generation will be 20%.

In addition, the company has created an entirely new technology zHDR, which allows you to extend the dynamic range of sensors, using short and long exposure in a single frame. The outcome obtained by the intelligent combining of the received data. The device is equipped with a new image sensor will allow you to record a video or see a picture on display in HDR mode in real time before to take a picture.

Pixels new sensors will be located so as to capture more light and reduce noise. The sensitivity of the new sensors will be increased by 12.5%.

The sensors will have a resolution of 16 and 20 MP, they will appear in smartphones that would commence in the first quarter of next year.



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